IMSoftIMSoft is an IT service company. This includes software development as well as consultancy. The main focus of IMSoftIMSoft is:

  • Development of Internet solutions with PHP, JavaScript, Java, and Active Server Pages (ASP) including database access to mySQL, Oracle and MS-SQL-Server.
  • Software development  by the help of several programming languages, such as: C, C++, Visual Basic and VBA by using Windows and Linux.
  • IT consultancy.
  • Software development with Oracle tools and databases by using the programming languages PL/SQL and SQL

CV of Michael Karg 

Since 2002     International projects on the basis of the EU Leonardo programme.

Since 2001 Development of Supply Chain Management solutions for Metasyst by the use of Oracle Database sytems using the programming language PL/SQL (Overall more than 500.000 lines of code).

Since 1997 Design and implementation of several Websites by using HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, ASP and Java.  This includes Websies with Database access using Oracle, mySQL or MS-SQL-Server (since 2000).

1995 IMSoftIMSoft was founded.

1994 Degree at the Technical University of Vienna in computer sciences (with distinction).

1992-1995 Assistant Professor at Technical University of Vienna.

Since 1992 Development of database applications by using Oracle SQL*Forms (starting with version 2.3) and Oracle-Datenbases (starting with version 5.1).

Since 1988

Development of Software by the use of C und C++ (overall more than 1 million lines of code).

1987-1993 Studies of computer science at the Technical University of Vienna.